I did my first bootcamp on July 6th and I was really nervous. I’d seen the videos but it’s never quite the same as doing it yourself. When I first started going I couldn’t do a single push up or hold a plank for more than about 3 seconds! But it didn’t matter. Ben makes you feel so at ease, praises every small achievement and makes you feel proud of yourself for making through the session. I’ve dropped 1 nearly 2 dress sizes on my top and 1 size on my bottom and I know it’ll continue to slowly come off. But the biggest change has got to be in my head. I was sooooooo miserable with my life when I first joined up. It took about 4 weeks of me messaging Ben before I finally got the courage up to go. But now I feel so much happier in myself. The bootcamp has grown into a family and everyone is so supportive. Ben is always there if you need a pep talk and gives you unless encouragement and support. I truly believe Ben and his bootcamps have pulled me well and truly out of the ditch my life had crashed into and I will be forever grateful and am now a bootcamp addict. Rachel A
I originally joined Ben’s Bootcamp to lose some weight before my holiday. I spend most days sitting at a desk and I was starting to feel unhappy with how I looked and felt uncomfortable in everything I wore. So far I’ve lost 10lbs. What I didn’t expect though, was for all the things that I would gain. Not only are the bootcamps a great workout, they are honestly the best start to my day. I’ve made so many lovely, like-minded friends there too and I really feel as if I’m starting out on a whole new personal journey. Ben is truly inspiring, and so passionate about everything he does. Which is why his bootcamp is so addictive. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that! Casey Kelleher @caseykelleher
I’ve always enjoyed trying different types of exercise and being outdoors and exercising in a group so when my friend suggested going along to bootcamp I was keen. At the time I had just been thrown one of life’s little blows so wasn’t feeling particularly up for it but when I drove away from my first session I noticed I felt a little more upbeat about everything, so I went back again, and again and again…each time I drove away I felt a little more weight lift off my shoulders as well as from around my waist! The friendly, positive vibes created by Ben along with the exercises are better than anything else I could have done to get to out of the slump I was in. Bootcamp has been a turning point for me. Hearing Ben’s story really put things into perspective and was an inspiration. I’m now happier and fitter than ever and have got a great group of new friends to go with it and that’s all thanks to Ben and his determination to help as many people as possible with their fitness journey. Clare D
I have been to a couple of bootcamps in the past which have been ok, but I didn’t find them particularly motivating. When Ben’s bootcamp appeared in my Facebook feed I was intrigued as it looked like he offered a bit more than just a bootcamp, and I was right. I started attending the sessions in May, I think it was his second week of running them, and I wasn’t disappointed. It is essentially circuit training, but Ben changes the circuit each session. The difference I found with this bootcamp is that there is high energy music pumping out which makes you feel more motivated naturally. As part of the bootcamp sessions, Ben offers a diet plan and a Facebook group, which keeps us entertained! There are no egos at the sessions and it has become like a community, so if you haven’t got anyone to go with you will be fine to go alone, there are always people there to buddy up with. It isn’t about how many reps you can do or how fast you can go round the exercises, it is about focusing on your form to achieve maximum results. I try and go as regularly as I can, but try to do at least 2 sessions a week which has paid off, as since starting I have lost 15 pounds and 6 inches from my waist. The 80s and 90s week was brilliant and people entered into the fun by dressing up too! Looking forward to seeing the next theme! So if you are looking for a fun exercise class that is a little bit different come along and try Ben’s Bootcamp – you won’t be disappointed! Lia C
So the last 4 years have been difficult for me. My confidence was at rock bottom. I only come to bootcamp once a week but you would not believe how much this has helped me go from someone who wouldn’t leave the house to where I am at now. I have already managed to lose half a stone but the positive vibes Ben gives us all is amazing and his story is so inspirational. I truly look forward to bootcamp as its my time to work on me instead of being a mum or working. I know if I need advice that you and the whole bootcamp team are there to support us all. Sarah W
Being a 32 year old who has literally never done any fitness training or been to a gym I was originally very sceptical about working out in a field with people I have never met before. I have been doing it for 6 weeks now and I was totally wrong to be sceptical! I go to every session I can and I love it, Ben is incredible at motivating and encouraging everyone, Everybody there is on their own personal mission and it’s great to see people of every fitness level, shape, size and age. I have made some great friends but best of all I have lost nearly 3 stone in weight! I cannot recommend Ben, his nutrition plan and his Boot camp highly enough! Dave B